New Zealand found guilty by the UNCAT of the torture of children

Click on the link for PDF of the UNs ruling 


100s more cases pending approval

due to Jacinda Ardern’s refusal to respond to the UNCAT or communicate with us, we have started emailing trade ministers around the world asking for their support with our cases of child torture in new Zealand and its unwillingness to address this we have asked them and have been assured they would bring it up at the next round of trade negotiations with NZ 

So how much does she really care about abused children

The NZ Police are doing their part of what the UNCAT directed New Zealand to do BUT the Govt simply refused to respond after asking for and getting an extension to do so failed to respond by the deadline

Extradition from Australia possible for Lake Alice torture

even though 10 years earlier the police refused to charge anyone saying not enough evidence but as they only interviewed one of the over 40 complainants the investigation was floored not only that but the govt had used ministerial waivers to keep damaging staff affidavits from police


and before this, the Helen Clark govt moved an attorney general out of her role to help cover up the scale of abuse in lake Alice and that continued with the KEY govt and you have to wonder why Key was so oposed to having a royal commission


Ministers at the highest levels of the @nzlabour party implicated in this abuse shows why @jacindaardern refuses to address this case


“A nation should not be judged by how it treats its highest citizens, but its lowest ones.” —  Nelson Mandela