ECT in the media in New Zealand

ECT statistics

This month has seen three articles about electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) on the Stuff website in New Zealand. One article (Electroconvulsive therapy endures by Michelle Cook) featured a woman who had undergone ECT at Porirua Hospital 56 years ago when she was 18 and had been left unable to remember her childhood.

“She is one of several people to have filed claims against Porirua Hospital for abuse, but says the courts would not look at the use of ECT on her “because it’s allowed”.

“It handicapped me. Before I had it, I felt normal, like everyone else, and afterwards I didn’t feel whole, completely washed out. I was incapable of doing anything and couldn’t talk to anybody any more.” “

The article mentioned some of the main points concerning ECT use in New Zealand: a low and falling rate of use; variation in rates of use between regions; the over-representation of women…

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