1. It is a challenge to sit here and type this with physical disability….
    I am a survivor of a brutal robbery and assault; all injuries are covered by ACC including head injury (the trauma and retraumas within the justice system and ACC journeys in total have no doubt taken their toll on top of the ptsd).
    My health has deteriorated in recent weeks. Housebound with vertigo and 24/7 walking on a boat sensations, balance issues, hearing loss and tinnitus. ACC have acknowledged recent weeks including funding to an ENT private specialist. Yet this ENT felt I needed to see an ENT who specialises in vestibular issues, they are in a different city (perhaps a cost savings exercise-airflights, accomodation, support person, taxis and all specialist costs). ACC have declined any funding for this.
    They have left me with a walking cane (to aid very short distance walking) in recent weeks (other equipment allso provided this year; pre recent weeks deterioration) and little else.
    I did no ask to be found unconscious due to being robbed and I did not ask for life to be severely interrupted. I was robbed and assaulted and now robbed of any clarity in diagnosis/possible treatment and perhaps assaulted by ACC and their mixed messages (equipment provided and little else) creating despondancy and little quality of life while I have many questions about the cumulative long term outcome of head injuries and the how to from here given I do not know and further exhaustion and battle fatigue sets in….
    (from a crimes survivor that is fading away; a shadow of their former stronger self)


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