Who is the leading manufacturer of Electroshock machines? Somatics, LLC, in Clearwater, Florida, run by CEO psychiatrist Conrad Swartz

This Hunger Is Secret

This is the leading manufacturer of the elctroshock machine, which does shock treatments to innocent people who are never properly informed about the consequences.

Here are some links to Somatics:

http://www.psychsearch.net/somatics/   (photos of office added today)



Oh, while I’m at it, the shock doc at McLean who did the shock on me in 1996 even after my family and my boyfriend Joe begged him to stop was Michael E Henry.  He’s still doing shock at Mass General apparently. He’s now been promoted to head of “bipolar” clinic at McLean. I can assure you he knows tons about the brain.  Can he even aim?

Those shock docs should stick to aiming into toilets, and stop aiming voltage at people’s brains.

Oh, shall I  make a mood chart for y’all’s? Got graph paper and fancy crayons? I know some software analysts who can get real fancy “proving” my bipolarism.


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