Voices of Shock: Oliver’s Story


Oliver is a delightful fellow I met a few months back who has generously agreed to my republishing of his powerfully written story and other works which I will share in a series of posts. 

This guy is an inspiration; he’s survived the legacy effects of abuse his parents suffered as children, psychiatry and its inhumane and disabling “remedies” including Freudian psychotherapy, drugging, electroshock and all the devastating memory loss and impairments that come with, including the sometimes suicidal depression that comes with electroshock damage. Oliver didn’t just survive, he became an activist, found ways to meaningfully live his life in spite of severe brain damage and trauma, and also encourage others. I’m so glad to have met him 🙂

ECT after-effects – a survivor’s story

What I didn’t know until I was 39 is that I was brought up in a family affected by sexual abuse, both my parents had suffered childhood rape, and being the…

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