Electroshock and Rehab


Lauren Tenney, an awesome shock survivor ally, has dedicated another episode of Talk With Tenney to electroshock survivor issues. I hope you will tune in, and, if you’re up for it, call in and take part this Wednesday, September 30, 2015.

Below covers some of the topics we hope to discuss in the show. It’s also an intro for my upcoming blog series on electroshock and rehab with the goal of providing survivors, allies and laypeople information on this situation and resources to help survivors in their recovery.  

Shock Induced Brain Damage, Rehab or Lack Thereof


Electroshock causes brain damage leading to a myriad of cognitive problems including:

  • memory loss
    • retrograde amnesia  (past memories)
    • anterior grade amnesia (ability to make new memories)
    • working memory loss (ability to hold small chunks of information in mind for short of spans of time)
  • inability to pay attention or focus
  • impaired…

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