Riikka’s Story


Matthew and Riikka are a truly remarkablecouple. Matthew contacted me to share his wife’sshock story after I did aepisodewith Talk with Tenny. I asked if they wanted their names published or if they would prefer to remain anonymous. Matthew told me to go ahead and use their names.

He said as Riikka put it, if we don’t go public, the story will die the day after it was read. Going public we are putting our faces to the story. People will remember it longer.

She’s such an amazing woman.

Another thing that impressed me was Matthew’s dedication to Riikka during and after her ordeal. Many shock survivors are not so lucky to have a supportive, advocating spouse or family member after their lives are decimated my drugs and shock. Hats off to you two ❤

Riikka’s Story as told by her husband

Photo Sep 17, 8 08 43 PM

First a little about my spouse. We met…

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