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Electroshock and Rehab


Lauren Tenney, an awesome shock survivor ally, has dedicated another episode of Talk With Tenney to electroshock survivor issues. I hope you will tune in, and, if you’re up for it, call in and take part this Wednesday, September 30, 2015.

Below covers some of the topics we hope to discuss in the show. It’s also an intro for my upcoming blog series on electroshock and rehab with the goal of providing survivors, allies and laypeople information on this situation and resources to help survivors in their recovery.  

Shock Induced Brain Damage, Rehab or Lack Thereof


Electroshock causes brain damage leading to a myriad of cognitive problems including:

  • memory loss
    • retrograde amnesia  (past memories)
    • anterior grade amnesia (ability to make new memories)
    • working memory loss (ability to hold small chunks of information in mind for short of spans of time)
  • inability to pay attention or focus
  • impaired…

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Riikka’s Story


Matthew and Riikka are a truly remarkablecouple. Matthew contacted me to share his wife’sshock story after I did aepisodewith Talk with Tenny. I asked if they wanted their names published or if they would prefer to remain anonymous. Matthew told me to go ahead and use their names.

He said as Riikka put it, if we don’t go public, the story will die the day after it was read. Going public we are putting our faces to the story. People will remember it longer.

She’s such an amazing woman.

Another thing that impressed me was Matthew’s dedication to Riikka during and after her ordeal. Many shock survivors are not so lucky to have a supportive, advocating spouse or family member after their lives are decimated my drugs and shock. Hats off to you two ❤

Riikka’s Story as told by her husband

Photo Sep 17, 8 08 43 PM

First a little about my spouse. We met…

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A Paralegal Employed by Firm Representing ECT Survivor Speaks Out Against Shock


lies by David Castillo Dominici

Richard Werner has allot to say about electroshock

thanks to several years of paralegal work he did for a firm representing a man who’s entire autobiographical memory was erased by ECT. Werner has heavily researched electroshock; its use, studies, what doctors know and withhold regarding efficacy and risk and beautifully argues against the procedure in his paper, Shock Treatment: Efficacy, Memory Loss, and Brain Damage – Psychiatry’s Don’t Look, Don’t Tell Policy.

After reading this, I think anyone who has participated in deceiving the public and profited from the destruction of countless lives should lose their prestigious credentials, and spend the rest of their lives in a prison cell.

View all 42 pages of this anti-ECT masterpiece here.

Shock Treatment: Efficacy, Memory Loss, and Brain Damage – Psychiatry’s Don’t Look, Don’t Tell Policy. (n.d.). Retrieved from http://akmhcweb.org/ncarticles/RichardWarneronShockTreatment.pdf

Image courtesy of [David Castillo Dominici] at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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